Garden Drama

The garden is a place of self-expression and creativity. The truly great gardens speak loud and clear about who the gardener is.

  • You are a great gardener!
  • Be expressive.
  • Be creative.
  • Build your own oasis in life.
  • Explore your surroundings.

Water Gardens

We are big fans of water gardening at Garden Drama. Nothing elevates a garden like a water feature and they can be so easy to do!

  • Water gardens complete an outdoor space.
  • Refreshing.
  • Restorative.
  • Totally D-I-Y.
  • Calming elements.

Garden Design

If you tend a garden, you are a garden designer. Design a person a garden, you give them a space. Teach the the garden design basics, you give them the world of gardening.

  • You are a garden designer.
  • You can create the garden of your dreams.
  • Sunny borders brighten the spirit.
  • Movement in the garden is invigorating.
  • Texture in the garden makes a space interractive.

Garden Art

Digging in the dirt often opens a person up to their inner garden artist. When you unleash your inner plant creativity, you wake up creatine impulses that must be acted upon.

  • Mosaic Art.
  • D-I-Y sculpture.
  • Pottery.
  • Garden bling.
  • Garden junk!

Edible Gardening

There is nothing in the world like a homegrown tomato; it's a food group all to itself. How about an espalliered apple tree on your privacy fence? Or lettuce in the front yard?

  • To-ma-toes, To-mah-toes.
  • Grow your own fruit.
  • Herbs for all.
  • Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb.
  • Beats beat meat.

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pink flamingo

Garden Art

Ideas for DIY and on-the-cheap. Make the store-bought pieces work in your garden. Oh, and gnomes are not kitsch. They are kindred souls.



The backbone of our gardens. Or maybe the lifeblood. Zone 4 and above. Maybe a bit of zone 5.


Think vertical in your garden and also, cover those homely fences. Clematis, honeysuckle, morning glories and such.

Trees and shrubs

We are treehuggers, hear us roar. All hail the mighty oaks, catalpas, dogwoods and ginkgos.



Grow what you eat; eat what you grow. Cooking and gardening go together like peas and carrots or kale and olive oil.

painters pallet


Discovering your own sense of garden design is a liberating experience. Give someone a fish, they eat for a day, teach someone ... well, you get it.

over the garden fence

Learn from others

The gardening community is a tight-knit group. Gardening pals are crucial and visiting great gardens is necessary homework.

left hand


Let's be earth-friendly and careful stewards of Mother Nature's home. Gardening also sustains us, physically and spiritually.